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We noticed while doing service jobs for our builders that once your year warranty is up on your house, you are on your own. Everything is now your responsibility. We are here to share those responsibilities with you.

SR&R Home Shield is here to take care of you and your home. The up keep and maintenance of a home takes time and skill. Time is something some of you may not have a lot of, so SR&R Home Shield is here to give some of that back along with some peace of mind.


Just think of that never ending honey do list. What about the deck that needs screening so we don't get eaten alive by bugs. Here's my personal favorite: "The dog did what?" We can help with all of these.

Not only are we here to give back some of your time but also through SR&R Home Shield's membership program we are giving you handyman services at 20% below market pricing. Even emergencies are thought through.


The whole process starts by you getting in touch with us below to say you are interested. We come out and do a thorough inspection to let you know what shape your house is in and then give you an estimate of any repairs or jobs you'd like done. 

If you're interested please check out this link:


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