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QuckFlashing (What is it and when is it used?)

Builders this is for you: Stone's Repair and Remodel is a certified installer in Tennessee.

Benefits of using quickflashing:

  • Helps meet the 2012 IECC air-leakage requirements

  • Reduces liability

  • Helps to prevent water intrusion

  • Economical — saves time and labor

  • Eliminates the need for sealants

  • Non-corrosive — non-conductive

  • Only flashing that is specifically designed for wall penetrations

  • Self sealing around fasteners

Works with all Cladding:

  • Wood Sidings

  • Fiber Cement Sidings

  • Vinyl Sidings

  • Brick/Cultured Stone

  • Metal/Aluminum Sidings

  • Stucco Systems

  • Rainscreen Systems

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