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Company Impact 

We as a company strive to make an impact for the greater good. Last year we had the opportunity to partner with Aerial Recovery Group and Hillsboro Global Missions. 

Child Rescue.png

SR&R Sponsored 1 child from being Trafficked Through Aerial Recovery Group

In 2022 SR&R built a relationship with Aerial Recovery Group who helped rescue over 5,000 children in Ukraine. 


In 2022 SR&R Built two homes in Hondurus!

SR&R in association with Hillsboro Global Missions built two homes last year in Honduras. The older lady in the picture has a daughter with leukemia "With the Mask" The other five kids in the picture are random street kids that she raises but doesn't know whose children they are. She raises them regardless. We had the opportunity to put a roof over their heads. 


Home in Honduras

SR&R in Association with Hillsboro Global Missions.                                                 

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