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Transform your outdoor space by
Creating your very own Oasis!


Creating your outdoor oasis!

Adding an outdoor living area is the #1 Ranked purchase homeowners are making for their homes in 2023. They want that place to escape and relax and gather themselves. For this project, the owner wanted retractable screens, a fireplace, and an outdoor kitchen. He also wanted this polished floor with diamond lines cut into it. 


Turf and composite decking provide a natural feel and minimal maintenance for your outdoor oasis! 

One of the trends in modern architecture and outdoor living design is artificial turf and composite decking.

  Artificial turf is a great way to fill space instead of landscaping and eliminates the hassle of mowing. 

  Composite decking has come a long way in the past 25 years. With so many designs and colors. You don't have to worry about boards warping or getting splinters in your feet. 


Pergula's, Fireplaces, Planters, and other features. 

  Pregula's these days can be made out of anything aluminum, steel, cedar, With moving blades or fixed louvers.

  Fireplaces are always a feature that tends to draw attention at gatherings.

  Raised planters are a neat addition as they allow different elevations to give your landscaping a different and unique look. 


Small pools are easy and amazing additions to drive your outdoor design and the flow of your outdoor oasis. 

Studies show that you can lower stress levels by 40% by just spending 20 minutes in the outdoors.

Small pools are great centerpieces for your outdoor oasis. Imagine the possibility of walking outside to a pergola or a covered porch to a sitting area overlooking a pool that's perfect for entertaining.  


Outdoor showers are in!

A really easy way to spice up an outdoor oasis is to add an outdoor shower. On a trip to the B.V.I., it seemed like at every resort I stayed at the rooms had outdoor showers. It took a little getting used to but did the job.  


This new plungie pool could be a great addition to your outdoors oasis. 

At 11.5 feet wide the new pool from Plungie is great and allows more space than a traditional pool to add other features.

Pool idea #5.jpg
Let's build your outdoor oasis!

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