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We are always looking to hire great people!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

At Stone's Repair and Remodel, we are always looking for great people. We search for hard working people that care deeply about their work and is self motivated. That is worthy of trust and have integrity in your home life and at work. A team player that does not mind getting their hands dirty while training alongside a skilled worker. They enjoy working in and out of doors and get satisfaction at the end of the day when physically looking at a project that they helped build with a team. They are creative people and want hands-on training without spending several semesters at college and do not want expensive college tuition costs.

If you are interested in learning a skill that can provide for you and your family for a lifetime, then we may be a good fit for you. We hire for attitude and a teachable spirit. If this sounds like you or someone you know that needs a job, please have them call or text : Crystal Stone (662)322-8916 or email:

How do you know you're a good fit?

We have SR&R TV on youtube that allows you to watch some videos and see how we train and give several quick tips that will help you with your mastering your skills.


Direct Deposit weekly

Health, Vision & Dental Insurance offered

Set your own hours (1099 for tax purposes)

Hands on job training

Keep your tools after working 365 Days!

Complimentary downloadable invoice app


  1. Good communication skills with the ability to understand written and oral instructions

  2. Working knowledge of technology: sending and receiving emails and basic phone applications

  3. Must be teachable and open to receive and feedback

  4. Possess a reliable vehicle, you will travel the surrounding Middle, TN area

  5. Highschool graduate or 17 years of age and older

  6. Must pass a background check and legal to work in the USA

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